About Us

Gun Store & Tactical Gear – Los Angeles

My wife, Yvonne, and I decided to open Crosshairs USA® Tactical Gear and Gun Store (Crosshairs) in memory of a young Marine Sergeant who was killed by an accidental discharge from a .45 caliber 1911 Pistol while serving in Vietnam. The Sergeant had only two weeks left on his tour of duty before he would have returned home. This senseless incident still haunts me to this day. To help elevate the safety level of firearm ownership, Crosshairs has made Firearm Safety and Firearm Ownership Responsibility its primary mission.

To help accomplish this Mission, my wife and I decided to hire Combat Veterans and former law enforcement officers who have actual experience using the quality products Crosshairs sells in the performance of their sworn duties. Our staff currently consists of a Marine Corporal who served as an Infantryman in Desert Storm, a Staff Sergeant who is a Marine Scout Sniper who served in the Iraq War, a Marine Tank Officer who served in the Vietnam War and a former Los Angeles Police Officer and former Secret Service Agent. These individuals, with their first-hand knowledge, experience and expertise can provide our customers with invaluable insight and creditable recommendations as to what type of firearms, ammunition, sights, scopes and accessories that will meet their needs and that are best suited for them.

Crosshairs prides itself as a mid-range to high end firearms store that is located in the City of Torrance and is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. We are here to help you and answer your questions. Crosshairs is committed to teaching and demonstrating firearm safety to anyone who wants to learn.

“Where Accuracy is Everything®”