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Crosshairs Tactical USA is a well-stocked Gun, Ammunition, Rifle, Body Armor store with a variety of Gun and Rifle Gallery. We have Gun Safety Classes, Rifle Classes and Concealed Weapon Classes in our Veteran owned store in Torrance (Los Angeles County) CA.


Must Have Tactical Accessories

Tactical Lights

Handheld high intensity flashlights with tactical bezels and high intensity weapon lights some with optional lasers can be force multipliers for your handgun, rifle and shotgun.

Night Vision Optics

Monocular or Binocular night vision of thermal vision sighting devices allow you to own the night.

Non-Lethal Defense

The use of pepper spray, stun guns & Tasers are effective less than lethal tools for self-defense.

Tactical Clothing
Rifle Scopes & Optics

Rifle Scopes & Optics: TRijicon, EoTech and Aimpoint optics are generally used for distances up to 500 yards, while rifle scopes are recommended for distances greater than 500 yards.

Upper Receivers

Build your own AR-15 with upper and lower parts kits.

Hearing Protection & Safety Gear

Protect what you cannot replace. When shooting eye injuries are drastically reduced when wearing Stylish Ballistic eye wear and your hearing can also be saved when wearing proper ear protection.

Tactical Nylon Gear